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More About DIY Depot – Farrarmere

The store was bought over in 1994 and the name was changed from Ebies Hardware to Farrarmere Hardware. The store has moved 4 times in the Farrarmere shopping and has grown with each move due to the loyalty of its customers.

We converted to a Diy Depot in June 2013 and the store is still going strong 5 years later.

We joined Diy Depot to expand on our ranges and benefit by the good deals given from suppliers to franchise stores.

Our store is special due to our good customer service and our extensive range of products being able to satisfy the needs of all our customers. We offer a service that if we don’t have the product we will try our best to obtain the product for the customer. We are well located in our area and customers don’t have to travel far from surrounding areas. Our store is special as it is a convenient store and is open 7 days a week. We are also open till 6pm during the week to help those customers who leave work after 5pm.

We specialize in key cutting and security products, remote controls etc. We also mix Plascon paint.

We refill gas cylinders, set remote controls for gates as well as supply pre mixes and cement.

We also do gas deliveries and general deliveries in the area for a minimal fee.

We sponsor many fund raising events for schools in our area.

Farrarmere Diy Depot is a convenient, friendly store just up the road with great customer service and advice. We go the extra mile to help and not disappoint our customers.